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Naval Egypt Long Service Group – HMS Euryalus in Egypt.


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Naval Egypt Long Service Group – HMS Euryalus in Egypt.

Egypt, (1882 rev) clasp Suakin 1884, J. Teague. Stkr H.M.S.”Euryalus”.; Naval L.S.G.C. (Victoria) John Teague, Boatman, H.M. Coast Guard.; Khedives Star 1882

John Teague was born in Birmingham, Warwickshire on the 30th November 1860, he enlisted  in the Navy on the 21st June 1879

He served on HMS Audacious 1st August 1879 to 14th April 1881, HMS Repulse 15th April 1881 to 17th August 1881, HMS Asia 18th August 1881 to 11th january 1882, HMS Euryalus 12th January 1882 to 17th April 1885,  HMS Philomel 18th April 1885 to 31st March 1886, HMS Rupert 31st July 1886 to 31st March 1890, HMS Audacious 1st April 1890 to 19th November 1895, HMS Hull 20th November 1895 to 20th April 1900 when he was pensioned.

His papers show he was listed on the books of Pembroke on the 3rd August 1914, but noted as medically unfit.

Condition – VF, some pitting from the star, but much nicer than normally seen.