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Naval General Service, 1793, clasps “1 June 1794” and “23 June 1795” – HMS “Royal George”


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Naval General Service, 1793-1840, clasps “1 June 1794” and “23 June 1795”

to – John Simmons.

Served in both actions on Admiral Hood’s flagship, HMS “Royal George”.

We offer no detailed information on these two famous actions – “the Glorious 1st of June” and the battle of the Isle de Groix – as there is plenty of detailed information avaliable easily online. Some information on both actions is included with the medal, as well as copied rolls etc.

HMS “Royal George” was heavily engaged in both actions (severely damaged on 1st June, with 20 killed and 72 wounded according to contemporary accounts).

538 clasps for 1st June 1794 (4 officers and 35 men for ship) and only 177 clasps in total for the 1795 action (6 officers and 21 men to this ship).

Simmons is down on the rolls as Captain’s Servant or Cook’s Servant or Captain’s Cook’s servant.

There are four men with this name on roll – 2 x Syria, 1 x Trafalgar and this two-clasp. The medal looks entirely as issued with no signs of alteration to suspension or clasps.

Sold Sotheby, 1982.

Medal in nice condition with very slight scratch on obverse – GVF+ – and on possibly original (certainly old) ribbon.

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