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Naval General Service, 1793, clasps “4 Novr. 1805” and “Basque Roads 1809” – HMS “Namur” & “Valiant”


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Naval General Service, 1793, clasps “4 Novr. 1805” and “Basque Roads 1809”

to – Thomas Phillips (an A.B. for both actions)

Recipient served on HMS “Namur” on 4th Nov. 1805 (only 291 clasps, of which 3 officers and 51 men on “Namur”) and on HMS “Valiant” at Basque Roads (518 clasps, of which 9 officers and 22 ratings for “Valiant”).

The first clasp for the effective “finishing off” of the Franco-Spanish fleet which had been decimated at Trafalgar when attacked by Commodore Sir Richard Strachan off Ferrol.¬† Four major French vessels which had survived Trafalgar were taken after some sharp fighting.

Interestingly, extensive wooden remains of “Namur” were recently found underneath a huge floor surface in the Maritime Museum in Greenwich and have been put on display; they look to have been stored there when the ship was dismantled.

“Basque Roads” for the action under Lord Cochrane, 11-12th April 1809, off St. Nazaire. Four French ships were destroyed, though Cochrane (and his subordinates) received some criticism for not pursuing the action more vigourously and doing greater damage to French ships in the Roads.

With interesting copied service record – which shows Phillips to have been a Londoner (Chelsea) born c. 1781, who was “prest” (i.e. the product of the press gang) but who obviously found the life to his liking and served from March 1803 to August 1830. (over 27 years)

Ships :

Ardent – 1803-05

Namur – 1805 – 07

Valiant – 1807 – 1814

Madagascar – 1816

Maeander – 1817 – 17

Northumberland  Р1817 Р21

Severn – 1821 – 1823

Ramillies – 1823 – 1825

Chatham – 1826 – 1828

Prince Regent – 1828 – 30

Ranks generally Ordy. and A.B.

NOTE – there are two men (only) of this name on roll, one RM for “Syria” and this recipient; the medal and clasps look entirely as issued.

Sold – Glendinnings, March, 1923 and Christies, Nov. 1988.

Nice condition – hardly any marks at all, NEF.

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