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Naval General Service 1796-1840 , clasps, Virginie 19 May 1808, Navarino


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Naval General Service 1796-1840 , clasps, Virginie 19 May 1808, Navarino

To: James Curtis

Douglas Morris states (VANOR = verified aboard, not on roll) according to medal roll NAVARINO C/78 BOSUN’S MATE GENOA

We have confirmed by checking the original rolls that he is clearly on both rolls for Virginie 1808 and cross-referenced to Virginie on Navarino roll.

His name is crossed out – or at least there is a partial line across it (which may be accidental) – on one and on the other he is “not found” – but this refers to his rank and is in that column, not the others. See scans of rolls in images.

Provenance: GLEN. NOV 1927 & MAR 1992

Notes: WITH “VIRGINIE 18 MAY 1808” ALSO No other men on roll with this name. entitled to wide suspender LSGC

Both clasps mounted on a single carriage, as issued.


Medal EF