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Naval General Service, clasp “4 Novr. 1805” – HMS “Hero”


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Naval General Service, clasp “4 Novr. 1805”

to – Robt. Yates.

Correct on roll – served as A. B. on HMS Hero.

Note – omitted in error from Douglas-Morris roll but confirmed on Colin Message roll and in official roll ADM 171/1.

(One other man of this name served as a Sergt. of Marines on Vestal for the clasp Egypt.)

6 officers and 50 men received the clasp on this ship.

Awarded for the famous and highly successful gold-medal action under Commodore Sir Richard Strachan which attacked some of the French ships which had escaped Trafalgar and were sheltering off Cape Finisterre [battle of Cape Ortegal]. All the French ships were captured after a sharp fight.

With copied personal and service details etc. :

Yates was born in King’s Lynn c. 1782 and joined the RN in 1803; served on Hero Oct. 1803-June 1807, then Dragon, June 1807 – Dec. 1808, then on Dannamark, Dec. 1808 – Jan. 1815.

Medal sold Glendinnings 1929 and 1991.

Medal in better than VF condition (reverse NEF), with very slight edge knock at 6.00 o’clock.