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On Service in India


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“ON SERVICE IN INDIA 1875 – 1901”

Photos from the Mein family albums.
Indian Army – over 160 photos of military life on the frontiers of British India 1875-1901.

Especially good on : Indian Army on the Frontier (e.g. Afghan War 1878-80, Maizar and Tochi 1896-7)
Excellent range of large Burke photos of the Afghan War 1878-80
The Punjab Frontier Force (“Piffers”) especially 5th and 6th Punjab Infantry
Named officer and Indian army groups
People, ephemera, uniforms, places, views etc.

A marvellous and detailed glimpse of military life and campaigning in the Raj at the end of Victoria’s reign.

Publ. by Tempus in 2000, now out of print. Mint/new condition.