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Punjab Medal 1848-49, no clasp: Capt. , 3rd Bengal N.I.


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Punjab Medal 1848-49, no clasp.

To : Captn. T. Wallace, 3rd Bengal N.I.

We have a little research detail on him :
Thomas Wallace born 1806; HEIC Cadet 1825/26.
Served in the Shekawati Campaign (attack on fort Bathot etc) in Rajasthan in 1834 and in the Punjab Campaign 1848-49.
Married Fanny Teresa Long, dau. of Capt. J. W.Long, in London on Nov. 26th, 1842.
To Major 1855.
Lived at “Woodland Villa” Cheltenham on retirement but moved in June 1854 to 25, Cambray, Cheltenham, where he and his wife both died within weeks of each other – she on July 8th and he on Aug. 5th, 1890. Married for 48 years.
Both interred in Cheltenham Cemetery.
More research to be done on military career.

Medal in about NEF condition with very attractive “slide on” silver decorative brooch.

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