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QSA- 5 clasps (Tugela Heights etc) and KSA : South Lancs – wounded Pieter’s Hill


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QSA- 5 clasps (Tugela Heights etc) and KSA : 1st South Lancs – wounded Pieter’s Hill, Feb. 1900.

Queen’s South Africa – clasps Tugela Heights, Orange Free State, Relief of Ladysmith, Transvaal, Laing’s Nek; KSA with usual two clasps.

T0 – 5685 Corpl. J. Vause, S. Lanc. Regt. [Pte. on KSA]

Copied rolls papers (which confirm all clasps) : Vause was born in Widnes in 1874 and enlisted into the South Lancs. in Sept. 1898 – ex Militia.

Served until 28th Oct. 1910.

The regiment took heavy casualties in the relief of Ladymsith ops.

WOUNDED IN ACTION at Pieter’s Hill, 27th Feb. 1900 – one of the series of severe fights in the earlier attempts to relieve Ladysmith, in which the 1st South Lancs was heavily engaged.

Some contact marking and toning. VF.