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QSA no clasp and AGS “Somaliland 1902-04” to Royal Navy.


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Queen’s South Africa, no clasp and Africa General Service with clasp “Somaliland 1902-04” to Royal Navy.

to – J. Hayes, Sig. Boy, HMS Naiad (on QSA) and Od. Sign. on same ship for AGS.

Interesting rank of “Signal Boy”.

Copied papers – Edward James Hayes, “a gutta percha worker”, was born in Westminster in 1884 and enlisted in 1899. He served through to April 1914 and was recalled for war service in August; demobilised in June 1919 and was then briefly in the RFR in 1921.

Hayes is recorded as “Run” (deserted) in 1901 and later spent numerous sessions in the cells.

HMS “Naiad” received 234 QSAs (of which 117 had the clasp “Cape Colony”); the ship received 285 AGS with clasp “Somaliland 1902-04”.

During WW1 he served on the Armed Merchant Cruiser “Virginian” (1914-17) and various shore bases and would have received a 1915 trio.

Contact wear and slight polishing; about VF.