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RARE Army of India, single Clasp Allighur


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RARE Army of India, single Clasp Allighur
Army of India 1799-1826, 1 clasp, Allighur (Sepoy Gunness Singh, S.N.I.) short hyphen reverse, Calcutta impressed naming.

One of only four known medals with single clasp for Allighur known to Indian recipients (it was not issued as a single clasp to Europeans). Only 28 of this clasp issued to members of the Indian Army

The Siege of Aligarh also known as the Battle of Aligarh was fought between the Maratha Confederacy and the British East India Company during the Second Anglo-Maratha War (1803–1805) at Aligarh, India.

Aligarh Fort, one of the strongest forts in India, was fortified and commanded by a French mercenary officer Pierre Perron. It was laid under siege on 1 September 1803, by the British 76th Regiment, now known as the Yorkshire Regiment, under General Lord Gerard Lake. It was captured from the Marathas and French on 4 September 1803. During the assault, fourteen ditches were lined with sword-blades and poisoned chevaux-de-frise around the fort by the French soldiers. The walls were reinforced with French artillery. Tigers and Lions of Scindia’s menagerie were also used by the French.  The then Duke of Wellington declared the capture as “One of the most extraordinary feats of the British conquest of Northern India”.

Ex Colonel Murray Collection 1891; Sotheby, May 1925; J. B. Hayward, June 1975.

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