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Rare HEIC “Anchor Reverse” Long Service to 3rd European Regt.


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“Anchor Reverse” army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal as awarded in error to HEIC troops.

to – Qr. Mr.Serjt. John Tate 3rd Europn. Regt.

Rare: one of the approx 100 or so medals of this type issued in error to the East India Company as army LSGC awards. By the time that the error had been noticed in London, the EIC authorities had more or less issued them all and decided to let the matter rest rather than recall them and issue the correct type.

Tate came from Norwich and enlisted, aged 18, into the EIC infantry in London in May 1840. Allocated to the Madras Presidency, he embarked for India in June 1840 and joined the 1st Madras European Regt. on arrival.

He was transferred into the 3rd Europeans in Sept. 1853; QM Sgt in 1858; Sub Conductor 1859 and Conductor in 1866.

He was awarded this medal in Dec. 1858 after more nearly 28 years’ service in India and died in May 1878.

Recipient is also entitled to Indian Mutiny medal with clasp “Central India” – apparently the only man of the 3rd ER to earn this clasp.

Ex George Moss collection and mounted for display (with Mutiny ribbon) in one of his distinctive boxes, with details on reverse.

With original silver brooch bar; GVF condition with light contacting.