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RARE! Naval LSGC, narrow suspension with “years on edge” and China medal.


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China Medal, 1856-60, clasp “Canton 1857”; Naval LSGC, Victoria, narrow suspension, with “24 yrs” on edge.

to – Ed. Gard, Cd. Boatmn. HM Coast Gd 24 yrs.

With interesting research (copy papers and rolls) and extracts from Douglas Morris – who recorded this example of the type in the 38 known by him to have survived.

Edward Gard was born in Heavitree in 1830 and served from 1851-1875; Morris records that this medal was amongst the first of the “narrow type” awards after the wider suspensions were superseded (only six weeks after the introduction of the new version).

Served aboard HMS Nankin in 2nd China War – medal and clasp confirmed on rolls.

Priot to transfer into CG in April 1959, he had been a Cooper on various ships – Atholl, Harrier, Nankin, Imperieuse, Blenheim, Colossus, Fredk. William and St. George.

Discharged with “exemplary” service, 30th April 1875 and papers noted for pension, medal and gratuity (PMG) 9th April 1875.

A rare pairing – condition about NEF.