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South Africa 1877-79, no clasp – H.M.S Shah, on board when in the Action against the Peruvian Iron-clad turret ship Huascar 29th May 1877.


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South Africa 1877-79, no clasp – H.M.S. Shah, on board when in the Action against the Peruvian Iron-clad turret ship Huascar 29th May 1877.
South Africa 1877-79, no clasp,  “Shah” T. Farr. Dom 3rd Cl. H.M.S.
Thomas Farr was born in Alverstoke, Hampshire
Served 1st Jan 1873 to 25th April 1883.
On Hector 1st January 1873 to 12th January 1873, Favourite 13th January 1873 to 5th December 1873, Jumna 21st January 1874 to 25th August 1875.
On the Shah 14th August 1876 to 31st October 1879 (which includes the date of the Huascar action)
Resistance 17th February 1880 to 14th June 1880, Defence 15th June 1880 to 25th April 1883
On 29 May 1877, in company with the corvette HMS Amethyst, she fought an action near Ilo, Peru, the Battle of Pacocha. This was against the Peruvian armoured single-turret ship Huáscar, which had been taken over by anti-government rebels, and had boarded some British merchant ships
The armoured Huáscar proved virtually impenetrable to the British guns, but the two unarmoured British ships had to keep clear of the Huáscar’s turret guns. Although Shah was the fastest battleship then afloat, the smaller Huáscar was more maneuverable in the shallow waters. In the course of the action, Shah fired the first torpedo to be used in anger, although it missed –being outrun by Huáscar.

During her time as flagship she also visited Pitcairn Island. On her voyage home in 1879, she called at St. Helena, where news was received of the British defeat at Isandhlwana. Shah was diverted to carry soldiers to Durban in South Africa. She then formed part of a Royal Naval contingent that assisted in the Anglo-Zulu War, before she completed her voyage to Britain.

On 24 October 1879 some of her crew were paid off at Portsmouth and Shah was placed in the fourth division of the Steam Reserve, then joined the North America and West Indies Station at the Royal Naval Dockyard on Ireland Island, Bermuda, to provide accommodation.

Condition – NEF, nice dark tone.