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South Africa 1877-8-9 – Cape Mounted Rifles.


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South Africa 1877-8-9 – Cape Mounted Rifles.

South Africa, clasp 1877-8-9, Pte A. Rich C.M. Rifles.

With copy of medal roll with Arthur Rich listed as receiving the medal.

The Cape Mounted Riflemen were engaged during the period of the Kaffir Wars of 1877-79, they were engaged against the Gaika, Galeka and other Kaffir tribes from 1877-78. In early 1879 the Basuto people to the north of the Cape Colony united under Chief Moirosi and precipitated by a hut tax defied the Cape government from a mountain stronghold.  A force consisting of CMR, Yeomanry and other irregular troops attacked the stronghold.  During this engagement a member of the CMR won the Victoria Cross for assisting three of his comrades.

Only 238 medals with this clasp were awarded to the CMR.

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