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Superb Army of India to Lieut Hon W. N. Hill later Lord Berwick, later Lt Col Shropshire Militia, the Hon Col Shropshire Rifle Volunteers.


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Superb Army of India to Lieut Hon W. N. Hill later Lord Berwick, later Lt Col Shropshire Militia and Hon Col. Shropshire Rifle Volunteers.

Army of India 1799-1826, clasp Ava, Lieut Hon. W, N. Hill, 87th Foot,

William Noel-Hill, 6th Baron Berwick of Attingham was born on 6 July 1802. He was the son of Richard Noel-Hill, 4th Baron Berwick of Attingham and Frances Maria Mostyn-Owen. He was baptised on 12 July 1802 at Betton House, Shropshire, England.

He was educated in 1813 at Rugby School, Rugby, Warwickshire, England. He gained the rank of officer in the 87th Foot and fought in the First Burma War between 1825 and 1826. He succeeded as the 6th Baron Berwick of Attingham, co. Shropshire on 12 April 1861.

William, the 6th Lord Berwick, was the brother of Richard (5th Lord Berwick) and was 60 years old when he inherited the title in 1861. He never married and chose not live full time at Attingham, preferring to spend his days at Springfield House on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. William entered the army when he was only 15 years of age, served in the Burmese war of 1825–6 and retired in 1854 having achieved the rank of Colonel.

Ensign in the 3rd Foot January 1817 by purchase. Army of Occupation France July 1818 to November 1818

Lieutenant un attached November 1821

Lieutenant 87th Foot October 1823 (paying his own passage to India.) East Indies December 1823 to December 1826 Burmese war under Lieut Gen Sir Archibald Campbell from 25th December  to May 1826. Was present at the battles of Prome and Tandwayn.

Captain 25th Foot 14th November 1826 by purchase.

Captain ½ pay 25th Foot September 1827 on account of ill health.

Captain 60th Foot 2nd July 1829 paying the difference.

West Indies 23rd December 1831 to 14th April 1833

Major 69th Foot 4th December 1835 by purchase.

West Indies 4th April 1836 to 18th December 1837

Major unattached 30th October 1840 by exchange.

In 1852 he became Lieutenant Colonel of the Shropshire Militia , but resigned his commission in 1855. Subsequently on the formation of the volunteer force in 1859-60 he was appointed Honorary Colonel, Shropshire Rifle Volunteers

Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of Salop and Alderman of the Borough of Shrewsbury

Due to its lack of use as a home during his time as Lord Berwick, Attingham gained a reputation with visitors for being a dreary and melancholy place. The 6th Lord would occasionally stay at Attingham, usually when he entertained there with his sisters.

He died on 24 November 1882 at age 80 at Attingham Hall, Atcham, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England, unmarried. His will was proven (by probate) on 18 January 1883, at under £100,000.

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