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Superb Bomber Command/Sunderlands/Berlin Airlift/PoW group with 5 logs & other documentation.


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1939-45 Star, Air Crew Europe Star, War Medal, GSM 1918, EIIR, clasp “Malaya”, RAF Long Service and Good Conduct, EIIR.

to –  M. Eng. A.T.M. Proudfoot (1551970) RAF (on GSM and LSGC); others unnamed as issued.

Alexander Thomas McBride Proudfoot – Flight Engineer and Master Engineer.

With an extensive and interesting archive of original documents:

a. Framed/glazed original Warrant doc. as WO in RAF, Feb. 1957.

b. RAF Cert. of Service – showing birth 20.3.23 and enlisted 30th May 1941. c. Discharged March 1968 (=27 years).

Five original Navigator, Air Bomber and Air Gunner’s Log Books-

i. Covering May 1943 to 1951 – training and flights as Engineer in Lancasters of 467 Sqdn. with (e.g.) raids on Mannheim (several), Nuremburg, Milan, Hannover (several), mine laying off Danzig, Hagen, Kassel until captured in Oct. 1943; then continuing into 1950s – Lancasters to 1948, then Sunderland Flying Boats with 230 Sqdn. to 1951 and extensively involved in the Berlin Airlift (Op. Plainfare) with this sqdn.

ii. Covering 1952 to May 1958: in Lancasters of No. 1 S of MR (School of Maritime Reconnaissance), then in Hastings aircraft of 48 Sqdn., (based at Changi) some in Mediterranean and Far East (Singapore etc.)

iii. Covering June 1958 to Oct. 1964: in Hastings of 48 Sqdn. in Far East to Feb. 1960, then various training units and then 206 Sqdn. in Shackletons to July 1963, then Varsitys in 115 Sqdn. and Hastings again.

iv. Covering Nov. 1964 to July 1966: mainly in Hastings of 24 (Commonwealth) Sqdn. (Cyprus, Medit., Belize, Nassau etc.).

v. Covering 1966 – Feb. 1968: still with 24 Sqdn. in Hastings aircraft mainly around UK with some time in Cyprus/Med.

4. Original photo as young RAF man.

5. Two ORIGINAL German prisoner of war data cards from Stalag IV B at Muhlberg, with his fingerprint and added personal details.

6. Misc. original docs  – certificates of competence, De Havilland cert. re propellers, fuel flow charts, Xmas card from 48 Sqdn. etc.

7. Copies of squadron logs for 1941-43 etc with details of raids.

McBride enlisted on 30th May 1941 and served with 467 Squadron.

On night of 3rd/4th Oct., 1943, took off as Engineer in Lancaster JA906 and it was later confirmed that this crashed while taking evasive action against “constant” fighter attacks and from heavy AA fire over the Dutch coast (Frisian Is.) and came down into the sea off Vlissingen; Engineer McBride was one of only three survivors. Others buried in Vlissingen or commemorated at Runnymede.

Proudfoot was interned in Stalag IVB and in Poland.

After release in April 1945, he continued to serve in RAF and logged a remarkable 6968 hours flying, before retirement, all detailed in the collection of log books.

A superb and highly researchable group.

Medals in about NEF condition.