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WW1 Pair – Royal Airforce.


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WW1 Pair – Royal Airforce.

British War and Victory, 22778. 1.A.M. F.L. Roberts. R.A.F.

Frederic Longtoft Roberts was born in 1889 and enlisted 15th February 1916 and served  in the Royal Flying Corps from that date, and was transferred into the R.A.F. on the 1st April 1918.

Served in France from 28th July 1916

His records show that he was admitted to hospital on the 20th April 1918, then again, a total of 5 times upto 16th November 1918.

Discharged ro R.A.F. reserve on the 10th February 1919, and discharged 30th April 1920.

His papers confirm award of his War and Victory medal on the 17th May 1921.

Condition – GVF