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Welcome to DCM Medals

Our History:

DCM medals was formed by Mark Cashmore and Peter Duckers and has operated  from a retail shop in The Parade Shopping Centre, Shrewsbury, since 2014

We have always specialised in British Campaign Medals and Gallantry Awards as the core of our business, but have recently expanded to cover other related military collectables.

Mark Cashmore has been a collector of British medals for over 30 years with a particular interest in the services of the Royal Artillery covering the period from the Peninsular War through to the Falklands.

After a career in Architecture he set up DCM Medals in 2012

After a career in teaching, Peter Duckers spent 16 years as Curator of the Shropshire Regimental Museum in Shrewsbury Castle, retiring in 2013.
He has written over 200 published articles and a number of books on medals, medal collecting and military history and has been collecting British medals for fifty years.

He currently specialises in Indian Army medals after 1857 and awards to the Victorian Royal Navy.

Peter Duckers now acts as a specialist consultant for DCM medals.

The future:

As many of you know I have suffered from some very serious health problems since September 2022.

I am please to say that whilst I am not 100% back to good health things have improved, and I am now working hard on trying to get DCM medals back to where I want it to be.

Sadly I had to close our retail shop in Shrewsbury, but still operate this website, and will be getting back to attending fairs, such as Mark caters, Britannia, the OMRS and hopefully Wakefield, attendance will depend on my health that particular weekend, but I look forward to seeing you all again.

We intend on expanding the medals side of the business further, and offer commission sales for all clients at competitive rates.

We are also still working on a project to provide online reference material for the researcher, this has had to come second to my health issues but once this has been completed it will be accessible via our “Research” section.

We hope that this will enable us to provide a broader spread of Military collectables for you over the coming years.

Our Aim:

We try to make available a wide ranging selection, which we hope is interesting to the collector.

The website is updated regularly with new stock during the week.