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Personal service records of soldiers : such as now survive for soldiers discharged before c. 1924 are held in the National Archives at Kew; for soldiers discharged after c.1924, records are still retained in Ministry of Defence archives at : Army Historic Disclosures, Mailpoint 400, Kentigern House, Brown St., Glasgow, G2 8EX. Next of kin may apply for details.

However, we can access the services of a professional researcher who is able to search, for a fee, for military, naval and air force records in the National Archives at Kew and elsewhere.

Records which may be accessed include :

  • campaign medal rolls from Waterloo to c. 1920

  • medal index cards for medal awards relating to 1914-18

  • gallantry cards for 1914-18 awards

  • service papers from 1754 – 1913 (very fragmentary for early period)

  • soldiers’ and officers’ service records for 1914-18

  • citations for some gallantry awards 1914-18 ad 1939-45

  • naval service records c. 1800 – 1920

  • war diaries for many units for 1914-18 and 1939-45

  • London Gazette entries re promotions and appointments (officers) and awards

  • muster and pay lists for regiments from c. 1760 – c. 1890

  • ships’ logs and musters

  • Indian Army officers’ records c. 1900-45

  • RFC and RAF records – personnel

  • squadron logs for 1939-45 etc.

Other types of records may also be available – wills, death certificates, pension details etc.

Please enquire if you would like our help to research your family’s military and related records.

Our service is charged by the amount of time expended; for a free estimate please contact us.

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