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A Good Punjab and Mutiny pair – 10th Regiment, wounded in action during the attempted relief of Arrah on 30 July 1857.


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A Good Punjab and Mutiny pair – 10th Regiment (North Lincolnshire Regiment), wounded in action during the attempted relief of Arrah on 30 July 1857.

Punjab 1848-1849, clasps, Mooltan, Goojerat, John Costello. 10th Foot.; Indian Mutiny 1857-59, clasp, Lucknow, J, Costello, 1st Batn 10th Regt,

John Costello had the service number 1941 and was stationed at Wazirabad in 1851. The Regiment was stationed at Dinapore, Bihar in 1855 – some 30 miles east of Arrah. Dinapore was one of the Garrisons which mutinied in 1857 although the British lines were not attacked, the detached companies at Benares however were and only saw their attackers off after heavy fighting. It was then that news arrived from Arrah – the garrison had mutinied and a small group of Europeans and loyal sepoys were under siege in the local civil station.

A relief force was formed with the 10th Regiment providing 150 officers and men to the column of 405 men. Advancing by steamer they disembarked approximately ten miles away from the town, marching the rest of the distance. They made the outskirts of Arrah after approximately four hours, when they were ambushed from the cover of a nearby embankment.

The rebels waited until the British were around 30 yards away before opening fire. Captain Charles Dunbar of the 10th Regiment was killed in the opening salvo and the rest of the column was forced into a disorderly withdrawal. After a short flight their officers regained control however the they were unable to break through and instead pulled back under heavy fire to the boats. The 10th Regiment suffered 47 officer’s and other ranks killed, during the withdrawal to the boats Private Dempsey of the 10th won the Victoria Cross. Costello was wounded during the withdrawal although it was clearly not fatal as his medal was delivered to him with the Regiment.

Also entitled to the Sutlej medal, rev Sobraon

Provenance – Punjab medal (Glendinings, 2nd March 1989) Punjab and Mutiny both sold separately by Liverpool medals

Condition – NVF, heavy contact wear and edge wear.