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First World War Naval Long Service group.


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First World War Naval Long Service group.

1914-15 star, 308263 J. Crickard Mech. R.N.; British War and Victory medals, 308263 J. Crickard Mech. R.N.; Naval L.S.G.C. (Geo V) 308263 James Crickard Mechn H.M.S. Pembroke.

James Crickard was born in Barton, Lincolnshire, on the 19th August 1885.

A Butchers assistant he joined the Royal Navy on the 9th February 1905

He served on various ships and shire establishments before the war, from the 20th July 1915 to 10th April 1917 it appears he was on HMS Duncan (writing difficult to read)

In 1915, Duncan was transferred to the 9th Cruiser Squadron based in the central Atlantic. Later that year, she was reassigned to the 2nd Detached Squadron to support the Italian Royal Navy, and in 1916 she was sent to Salonika, Greece. There, she took part in operations against Greek royalists who opposed entering the war on the side of the Allies. Duncan returned to Britain in February 1917 and was converted into a barracks ship

He joins HMS Inflexible and served 1st July 1917 to 14th March 1919.

His papers show service up to 11th February 1927 and was then pensioned.

Condition – VF