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Indian Mutiny, Lucknow – 2nd Dragoon Guards


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Indian Mutiny, Lucknow – 2nd Dragoon Guards

Indian Mutiny, clasp, Lucknow, G. White, 2nd Dragn  Gds

George White was born in 1829 in Gillingham, Dorset, and served from May 1847 to October 1864.

Medal and clasp confirmed on his service papers and medal roll.

The regiment next saw action when a squadron under Major Piercy Smith charged the rebels at the capture of Lucknow in March 1858. This got out of control over broken ground and three men were killed, including Major Smith. They were unable to retrieve his body. One corporal was unhorsed and unable to remount, so was cut to pieces. Six other men were wounded and many of the horses suffered terrible wounds from the mutineers’ swords and bayonets.

Nawabganj, 13 June 1858

In a battle at Nawabganj, east of Lucknow, 2 squadrons under Major Seymour were part of the cavalry element of Hope Grant’s 3,500-strong column that attacked a force of 15,000 mutineers entrenched at a river crossing. They made a 12 mile night march to surprise the rebels. There was a three hour battle during which the British were surrounded but they turned the tables and drove the enemy off, having killed 600 and captured 9 guns. The British lost 67 killed or wounded in action, but 33 died of sunstroke and 250 ended up in hospital.

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