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WW1 Naval Long Service Group, HMS Adamant, Leviathan during WW1. H.M.S. Fisgard on L.S.G.C.


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WW1 Naval Long Service Group, HMS Adamant and Leviathan
1914-15 Star, 312235 J. W. Redman Sto.1. R.N; British War and Victory Medals, 312235 J. W. Redman Sto.1. R.N; Royal Navy L.S. & G.C., G.V.R., 2nd issue, fixed suspension, 312235 J. W. Redman Sto.1. H.M.S. Fisgard.

John Walter Redman, a footman from Chichester, Sussex, was born on 14 May 1885. Enlisting in the Royal Navy on 25 September 1907,

his Great War service included service in H.M.S. Adamant, a submarine depot ship, and H.M.S. Leviathan, on convoy escorts.

He was awarded his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal on 13 November 1923, and was shore pensioned 26 November 1930.

He was recalled for Second War service on 1 July 1939, and serving ashore in the UK, he was released to Class A Reserve on 14 August 1945.

H.M.S. Adamant served with the Eighth Submarine Flotilla at Harwich in 1914 and 1915. She later worked with submarines in the Mediterranean.

H.M.S. Leviathan from March 1918  began escorting convoys from Halifax and New York to the Clyde and Liverpool. She escorted a convoy from New York to Devonport, Devon in November. She was placed in reserve in 1919

Medals – NVF some contact marking.